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Two Crucial Elements of Drug Abuse Treatment | XL Health Blog

Two Crucial Elements of Drug Abuse Treatment

Posted on 26. Aug, 2013 by in Medical

The best drug abuse treatment for adolescents is a combination of cognitive behavioral interventions as well as educating the family to be a support.   Cognitive behavioral interventions have been well studied and are considered the best “therapy” for treating adolescents.   However, such treatment must be paired with a family therapy component.  

Cognitive behavioral treatment aims at modifying the inappropriate behavior and cognitive processes of adolescents with abuse issues.   Cognitive behavioral treatment relies on changing flawed thinking which then leads to changes in behavior.  Therapists seek to identify negative patterns of thought, such as thinking errors, overgeneralizing, catastrophizing, or “all or nothing” thinking among others, and replacing these dysfunctional patterns with more realistic and effective processes.   Cognitive behaviorism challenges the way that people think and the way that they react to their perceived surroundings.

Cognitive behavioral treatment must be accompanied by changes to the family unit, allowing the teenager to maintain the changes seen in therapy after the counseling has been terminated.   Including a family therapy component in treatment helps the other members of the family to support the adolescent in maintaining their new skill set. The cooperation of the family unit is critical to the long term success of adolescents.  Helping family members to develop a stable home environment is as important a protective factor as obtaining individual treatment when providing drug abuse treatment for teenagers.

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