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Top Four Tips for Taming Stress

Posted on 20. May, 2015 by in Eating Disorders, Nutrition, Wellness

For many people, stress over scheduling, finances, relationships or other issues can feel like an unavoidable part of life. Although stress can be difficult to escape, you do not have to let ittake over your life and health. The following measures all offer fast, affordable and healthy ways to relieve even the most severe stress.

1. Let It Go

Acknowledging feelings of stress is one of the best ways to release and move past those feelings. Writing in a journal can help you deal with stress and gain better insights into the factors that are causing it. Talking to supportive family members, friends or even a professional can also counter the harmful effects of stress.

2. Get Moving

Exercise is another surefire way to relieve stress. Exercise releases endorphins, which interact with your brain to reduce feelings of stress and depression. Exercise does not have to be intensive to offer these benefits; walking, stretching and completing household chores are all activities that can help release stress.

3. Calm Your Mind

Physical relaxation techniques can also help reduce feelings of stress. The following practices can improve your mood while also offering other physical or mental benefits:

Even a few minutes of these activities can help you feel more calm and centered. This makes these practices a great fit if some of your stress stems from a hectic schedule.

4. Make Time for Yourself

Finally, carving out time for the things that make you happy can go a long way toward reducing stress. Participating in hobbies, sports, social events and volunteer activities can help you counter other sources of stress in your life. The change of pace that these pastimes offer may also help you improve your productivity and free up more time to focus on stress-relieving activities.

Controlling Stress

When you are dealing with serious stress, it is easy to feel too worn down, time-pressed or overwhelmed to spend time focusing on your own health and well-being. However, investing time in any of these simple activities can make a huge difference in alleviating stress or at last making it more manageable.

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