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Tips on How to Treat Back Pain

Posted on 12. Feb, 2014 by in Pain Management

Back pain is a tricky injury and over half of Americans suffer from it at some point in their life.It is one of the most common complaints and is the largest cause of work-related absences. The pain can vary from sudden shots of pain, to mild or even debilitating. It can be treated in many different ways and below are some back pain tips.

For those with chronic back pain, exercise may be the answer to improving your discomfort and functional ability. The goal with exercise is to relieve pain in the back, prevent re-injury, and decrease the chance of it becoming chronic and disabling. It is advised to participate in some sort of aerobic exercise to keep your heart healthy, work your muscles, and speed up the recovery process. Strength training and stretching exercises are also important. Stretching helps keep you flexible, which in turn makes you less prone to injury. The key is to keep moving and stay as active as possible. When you lose your endurance, muscle tone, and elasticity it leads to more pain.

Pain medication doesn’t have the ability to heal injuries, but it can help with the relief of pain. As previously stated, pain in your back can range in symptoms and severity. The type of medication you will take depends largely on how long the symptoms have occurred, side effects of the medication, and the site of the pain.  The most common type of medications given is anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and steroids. Steroids are the strongest medication of the three, but sometimes they are not enough for people that have chronic back discomfort. The strongest form of medication given would be a narcotic.These drugs are not encouraged or prescribed for a long period of time due to their high dependency rate.

Back pain tips can be very hard to give because back pain can be very complicated and hard to treat. However, many people rely on a chiropractor for their back pain needs. Chiropractors use a variety of treatments such as hands-on manipulation, ultrasound technology, and traction.

When you start to feel pain in your back coming on, make sure you address it. Seek guidance from your doctor or chiropractor, as they will be able to give you the most helpful back pain tips.

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