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The Many Benefits of Cardio Workouts | XL Health Blog

The Many Benefits of Cardio Workouts

Posted on 17. Oct, 2013 by in Wellness

Most adults know that they should be getting exercise. It is also important to know how much and what kind of exercise you should do. General recommendations are that adults should get two and a half hours of aerobic exercise every week, with another two and a half hours of strength training. There are many cardio health benefits to consider when looking at your workout regimen.

Perhaps most importantly, cardio actually improves the health of your heart. By getting it pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis, you are actually helping to get your heart “in shape.” Think of it this way: Your heart is a muscle, and muscles need to exercise. If you get winded from walking up a flight of stairs, odds are you need to whip your heart into shape.

Have you ever heard that you can relieve stress through exercise? That is because one of the cardio health benefits is actually a change in your hormonal profile. Exercise releases the hormones and chemicals that ease symptoms of depression. These endorphins interact with receptors in your brain and reduce your perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling in your body, which can produce an almost euphoric feeling after a workout.

Additionally, aerobic exercise can actually boost up your metabolism. Typically, the more intense your workout is, the more your metabolic rate increases. This is why people who exercise a lot tend to be hungry all the time. Yes, they burn calories, but they also likely have a high metabolism. A high metabolism can also help maintain your weight with greater ease.

Another great advantage to incorporating aerobic activity is that is can help improve your sleep. It makes sense that wearing yourself out during the day can lead to a good night’s rest. When you get enough sleep, your body can regulate the hormones that control your weight gain or loss. You also feel rested enough to tackle the next day. There are many cardio health benefits to consider, and working this kind of exercise into your routine is an important part of your well-being.

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