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The Importance of Stretching | XL Health Blog

The Importance of Stretching

Posted on 17. Sep, 2013 by in Wellness

If you play sports, you probably know how important it is to stretch to avoid injury.  Stretching increases flexibility and can actually help you perform better.  If the sport you play involves running, stretching is especially important.  If your muscles are not properly warmed up and stretched, they will remain tight, making it harder to move around on the court, the field or on the track.

Performance is always at its best when you have properly stretched.  There is a right way to stretch, however.  The muscles first need to be warm before they can get a good stretch.  Go for a light jog, do some jumping jacks or hop on a bike to get the leg and arm muscles warm. Once they are warm, they will be easier to stretch and you will be less likely to get injured.

It is important to stretch before lifting weights, too.  You would not want to pick up a barbell without having properly warmed up and stretched your muscles. You could pull a muscle and seriously hurt yourself.  If you get a muscle pull or strain while you are playing a team sport such as football or basketball, you might hurt yourself serious enough that you will be out the rest of the game season.  That is why before beginning any kind of sport or exercise program, you should stretch to avoid injury.

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