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The Benefits of an Open MRI Service | XL Health Blog

The Benefits of an Open MRI Service

Posted on 11. Aug, 2014 by in Medical

Closed MRI scanners can provide a through examination of one’s bodily state; however, they can also be uncomfortable to most patients and downright scary for children. An open MRI service provides an alternative to most closed varieties while still providing the examination necessary for any type of medical test. Individuals with special needs, those who have body types that don’t fit in standard closed MRIs, and the elderly are often the prime individuals who seek out an open MRI option. During the scanning process, magnets provide waves throughout the entire body, producing images that give an insight into one’s brain and body health.

MRI systems are necessary for examining various parts of the human body, whether it be the brain, bones, muscles, or joints. For cancer patients, an MRI system can determine the presence of cancer, its invasiveness, and also its progression. Closed systems can be uncomfortable and confining, and many individuals can become fearful of the process. Some individuals with special needs can’t be confined in closed systems, and those that have specific body types may require an open MRI service. Regardless of needs, an open MRI usually offers a grander sense of freedom for patients, helping them to feel less confined and more at ease during their examination. This can result in a decreased level of stress, an aspect that can often exacerbate disease symptoms over time.

The increasing sensitivity and knowledge base of physicians, not to mention the rise in technological advancements within the medical industry, has made open MRI systems a commonplace method for determine presence of bodily illness. When it comes to an open MRI service, individuals should feel as though their health is being examined thoroughly and professionally, without having to go through the isolating conditions experienced with most closed systems. Thankfully, more hospitals and clinics are offering the open approach to individuals of all ages and needs. On rare occasions, closed systems must be used; however, most open MRI approaches are equally effective.


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