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Teen Grief and Loss Treatment

Posted on 02. Jan, 2014 by in Wellness

The grieving process is one of the most difficult human experiences.  For teens, suffering the death of a loved can be an especially difficult time, as teens have not lived as long and so, do not yet have as thorough a perspective of the past and the future.  Because of this, death is a particularly disruptive and confusing experience, often causing teens negative mental, physical, and emotional anguish.  Because there is no “right” way to grieve, teens can often feel at a loss as to how to handle and address all the different thoughts and emotions they’re experiencing.  Teen Grief and Loss Treatment exists to support teens go through this very difficult process in as healthy a manner as possible.

One of the major risks for teens who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one is they might feel tempted to seek relief for their overwhelming pain from negative places.  Sometimes teens might engage in abuse of alcohol or other drugs.  Other times, because of severe feelings of Depression, teens might feel apathetic about their own lives, and choose to engage in risky sexual behaviors, either sexual or otherwise.  Teens might also try to become numb and disengage, by withdrawing from others, letting go of their responsibilities, and/or sleeping excessively.  All of these different negative activities can unfortunately cause the teens to feel even worse, while also setting them up to have to address additional difficulties, on top of their already challenging situation.

Teen Grief and Loss Treatment serves to support teens through their process by ensuring they don’t turn to these negative forms of relief, and instead, engage and address their grieving process in the healthiest ways possible.  Therapists provide teens with guidance as they try to navigate through this difficult time.  By working with teens in talk therapy sessions, teens have the opportunity and accountability to acknowledge and articulate their thoughts, feelings, questions, and fears.  Though these can be challenging sessions, often the process of talking through the experience can be extremely valuable to teens, both in helping them to clarify their feelings to themselves, and also, to identify thought patterns and/or beliefs that may be causing them undue anxiety or stress.  Therapists can then also help teens to correct these thought patterns and belief systems so that the grieving process does not result in longer lasting difficulties, and furthermore, so that teens can gain some relief.

The Teen Grief and Loss Treatment process helps teens to undergo what is an overwhelmingly difficult experience, with the company and support of a treatment team.  The treatment team works to help teens to understand their experience, prevents them from additional suffering harm, and helps them to recover from the symptoms of their loss.

About the author – Robert Hunt is a recovering addict of 20 years.  He has devoted his life to helping others suffering from chemical addictions as well as mental health challenges.  Robert maintains many blogs on drug addiction, eating disorders and depression.  He is a sober coach and wellness advocate and a prominent figure in the recovery community.
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