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Healthy Breakfast Ideas | XLHealthBlog.com

Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Will Love

Posted on 16. Sep, 2015 by .


Start your day off with a delicious, healthy breakfast and plan for a great day. New research and old wisdom shows that some of the simple, non-processed foods will fill you up and keep unhealthy chemicals out of your body. Avoid Processed Foods and Make it Yourself Making homemade food is the best way to […]

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Fighting High Cholesterol With a Healthy Diet | XL Health Blog

Fighting High Cholesterol With a Healthy Diet

Posted on 20. Nov, 2014 by .


With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States, many people are aware of how important it is to reduce their risk as much as possible. Thankfully, extensive research has been done which makes information about the causes and potential cures to heart disease well understood. Among the risk factors are […]

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