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Stay Fit and Healthy With Nothing More Than Your Own Two Feet | XL Health Blog

Stay Fit and Healthy With Nothing More Than Your Own Two Feet

Posted on 03. Apr, 2014 by in Wellness

It is a well known fact the humans need a healthy amount of exercise during the course of their lives in order to be as fit and strong as possible. Not only does regular exercise improve muscle tone and physical appearance, but it also helps the body to de-stress, and it releases endorphins that promote good mental health. Many people mistakenly believe that if they are going to start working out that they must have access to complex gym equipment and private training, but all you actually need to get started is a comfortable pair of sneakers and a safe place to walk. Walking benefits are just as numerous as other, more expensive forms of exercise but without the cost or the hassle.

Walking vs Running

There are those who think that walking is too slow to be of any use as a serious exercise program, but this is false. It is true that walking causes much less potential damage to knees and ankles because of its low impact nature, but it is just as capable at increasing heart rate as running or other cardiovascular activities. In fact, running and walking provide the same health benefits, it is just that it takes a little longer walk to see the same level of improvement to health. For people who cannot run because it is too painful, this is great news. Walking benefits are just as useful to personal health and fitness as running but with much less strain on the body.

Places to Walk

Other walking benefits are that is can be performed practically anywhere and without fear of over training. At indoor shopping centers across the country, people wake up to walk in the comfort of the indoors when it is too cold or hot outside. Walking the dog around the block or the neighborhood is a great way to get in the day’s activity and get to know neighbors better. You do not even need a dog; all you need are your own feet and something comfortable to walk in.

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