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Small Steps Lead To Big Changes In Eating Healthy

Posted on 10. Jul, 2013 by in Nutrition

Eating healthy is not as difficult as it sounds. As with any new activity, the first step seems to be the most difficult. It requires one to replace old habits and thinking. Mindless snacking and preparing recipes out of habit are examples. Getting started requires investing a little time into being thoughtful about food preparation and choices and eating mindfully with enjoyment.

Form new habits by making one or two small changes each week or each month. Start with something simple like adding shredded vegetables to rice, pasta and sauce recipes.  Substitute veggies for other starches, like mashed cauliflower for potatoes or oven baked plantain chips for French fries. Make a list of foods you want to add to your diet or exchange for other foods or ingredients while cooking.

Reading food packages at the grocery store will become a habit. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and processed meats. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables and organic, grass fed meats. Keep a food diary to watch for eating trends and to make note of what may have caused you to feel uncomfortable, bloated or have an upset stomach.  Search for websites or Facebook pages that have information to support your goal to eat better. They serve as reminders to help stay on track.

Your body will tell you when you are off track. Once started, it is easy to continue. You will automatically reach for healthy foods and think of healthy substitutions for less healthy alternatives. Just remember, small steps lead to big changes over time.

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