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Prepare Yourself for Jaw Surgery

Posted on 29. Oct, 2013 by in Medical

Do you suffer from jaw pain that will not go away? Even with braces? If you find yourself suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorders), structure or growth conditions in your jaw, or any other orthodontic problems that cannot be fixed with braces, you should consider talking to your orthodontist about getting jaw surgery. With this surgery, your jaw can be re-aligned or fixed so that you will not suffer any more pain. Before you go through this surgery, it is important to plan ahead and know what to do previous to the operation as well as post operation.


Prior to operation, you will want to talk to a professional surgeon in coordination with your orthodontist. Jaw surgery is performed by an oral surgeon, but is coordinated with your orthodontist, who can recommend what you need done for the operation to be a success. You may find that you will need braces either before or after the procedure. If you need braces before, you will need to find out how long you may need them on before you can proceed with surgical planning. You should also be aware that having this kind of surgery will most likely result in a physical change of your facial structure. It is possible that you will have to have a psychological assessment to determine the need for the surgery and how it may affect you.

Post Operation

After your surgery, you will most likely be put on an all-liquid diet for a while, and then you will be slowly introduced to soft food, then hard food. This diet will help your jaw to heal quickly and correctly. You should expect your recovery time to last anywhere from a few weeks if it is minor, to a year or more for a more complex surgery. To help with the pain, you will most likely be prescribed with pain medication and antibiotics. You can also expect to have regular appointments with your doctor to make sure everything is healing correctly.

With jaw surgery, you can get rid of that annoying, chronic jaw pain. It is important that you talk to your orthodontist and gather all the information you can on both pre- and post operative procedures so that you can be prepared.

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