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Open MRI Service Provider

Posted on 17. Mar, 2014 by in Medical

How to Extend the Life of MRI Systems

For most medical providers, it is enough to understand how the open MRI system works and what services are required in order to maintain it. Rather than attempting to delve further into the system in order to save money on service, it is much better to find a qualified open MRI service provider to provide regular checkups to ensure that systems work properly with no RF leaks. Many service providers offer a variety of service agreements in order to meet the various needs of medical facilities. Different makes and models have different system requirements, so it is important to have a provider that is familiar with the system in question.

MRI systems need regular magnet maintenance that ensures the correct center frequency, maintains the correct shim for image homogeneity, and ensures helium vessel cooling. Checking the overall mechanical condition of the system involves inspection of all screws to make sure they are tight, as well as ensuring that no parts are loose.

Coil repair may involve electrical, mechanical, or cosmetic issues. After any electrical or mechanical repairs, it is important to replace padding and any fabric rips or tears in order to prevent bacteria getting into the system.

MRI machines have a computer component that must be maintained, as well. As MRI technology advances, it is important to perform software upgrades for the systems in order to keep up with regulations and keep the system working correctly.

In addition to the system, the rooms housing the equipment need to be shielded from any external RF signals, and regular checks performed on the shielding elements. When the room has RF leaks, it can result in poor images, and tracking down the leaks to fix them can be costly and time-consuming.

MRI equipment is too costly to neglect. Finding a knowledgeable open MRI service provider that offers flexible service plans may make more frequent maintenance checkups affordable and help MRI facilities to get the level of service that they need.

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