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Natural Remedies for Colds

Posted on 26. Sep, 2014 by in Wellness

Cold season is right around the corner. That means everything you touch, every shared air space you enter and, frankly, everything in which you come into contact has the potential to give you the starter kit for the dreaded cold. While a strong immune system goes a long ways towards protecting you, it doesnot take much for the virus to find a weak moment and invade your body. When you find yourself down and out, use these natural remedies for colds to shorten your bout with illness and get back on your feet.



Staying hydrated is a necessity, but be sure the fluids you are choosing are not exacerbating the situation. Stay away from sugary drinks and anything with additives or other chemicals in it. Hot liquids, including broths and soups, are best to break congestion. Warm water with lemon hydrates, thins mucous and can fight bacteria found in the throat. Herbal teas with slippery elm, cherry bark and licorice can soothe a raw throat and ease inflammation. Peppermint aids in opening up passageways. Sweeten with honey for additional relief.


Natural Remedies for Colds | XLHealthBlog.comHerbal Tinctures

Herbal drops can be taken orally with the use of an eyedropper or added into water to dilute the taste. Many health food stores carry horehound, which assists with respiratory health, and cherry bark, which can coat the throat. Echinacea and astragalus blends are especially helpful as natural remedies for colds by boosting the immune system, possibly shortening the duration.



Colds will often result in dry and inflamed bronchial tubes. Use a vaporizer or cold mist humidifier while you sleep to sooth the inflammation, which, in turn,increases drainage. The steam from a hot shower can also aid in decongestion.



Make your own rub by adding eucalyptus to base oil such as olive or almond, which can help open up your breathing and support drainage. Add a few drops of lavender to ease your nerves and aid in sleep. Rub the oil blend on your chest.

Having a cold does not mean you have to buy out the local drugstore and endure side effects just to survive the week. Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself with these natural remedies for colds to ease your pain and get back to good health.


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