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My Body Transformation – Weight Loss and the Paleo Diet

Posted on 05. Feb, 2016 by in Nutrition

* I lost 34 pounds in the past four months. I went from 223 pounds down to 189 (and I’m still losing weight). At 31, I’m in the best shape of my life. I look great, have more confidence, and have actually been dating a lot more (that’s really the best part, lol).

A lot of people at work have noticed my weight loss and asked me if I’m training for a marathon. The truth is, I haven’t been running much at all!

About a year ago, my friend from college visited L.A. and we met for lunch. I hadn’t seen him in over 5 years, so I was shocked when he looked like a totally different person. In college, he was always heavy, but he actually looked cut now! So when I saw him, I immediately asked what he did to lose the pounds.

He just said, “Paleo.” I was waiting for the rest of his plan, but he didn’t say anything else. I thought for sure he’d been running or doing CrossFit or P90-whatever! He went on to tell me about how he started the Paleo diet, added a small amount of weight training, and the pounds just evaporated.

So that next week I started the Paleo diet. I read up on the foods I needed to eat, went shopping for the food, and tried to cook it as best as I could (I’m not skilled in the kitchen). As someone who eats out a lot, making every meal was REALLLLY hard, but I kept at it. And I started losing weight! I lost 7 pounds the first two weeks.

But in the third week, work got busy. I was exhausted when I got home, and the last thing I wanted to do was take a long time to make a bad tasting meal. I just couldn’t eat bland baked chicken with broccoli anymore.

I cheated on Monday that week. Then I cheated again on Wednesday. By Saturday, I was out with my buddies having pizza and beer. And that was the end of my diet. Paleo worked great, but it was too hard for me to maintain with my lifestyle and busy work schedule.

Fast forward to about 8 months later. I was still tired of being overweight, and a friend told me about a meal delivery service in our area (I’m just outside of Los Angeles FYI).  Making the meals and eating bland food were the biggest obstacles to me sticking to the Paleo diet the first time. If someone delivered the meals to me, and they actually tasted good, I thought I might have a chance.

I just wanted the food to not taste horrible. But the food from the service was actually delicious! Turkey chorizo, brisket, Paleo bagels, sweet potatoes – it was all just really, really good. And who knew green beans and broccoli could actually taste great if prepared properly?  Best part was that it was all paleo.  I didn’t have to worry about ingredients or if this or that food was considered “Paleo.”

The food was all delivered right to my house, so I didn’t have to plan meals, shop for the food, and cook it. That alone was worth the money! When I had to work late (which was pretty often), I never had to worry about dinner because I knew I already had a delicious meal waiting for me that was 100% Paleo. It just made it so much easier not to grab fast food on the way home like I normally would.  I was able to choose any combination of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and even snacks.

Because it has been so convenient, I’ve been sticking to my Paleo diet for 4 months straight! I can’t even begin to say how much better I feel. I have more energy, I sleep better, and my joints don’t hurt when I exercise. Being thinner has affected so many aspects of my life in such a great way.  It has literally changed my life.  I know that sounds trite but it is 100% true.

I owe all of it to the Paleo diet. And I NEVER would have been able to stick to the diet without the delivery service I found – its called Paleo Delivers.  There are a few other similar services you can find if you are not in the greater Los Angeles area.  Paleo Delivers offers 100% Paleo food that’s gluten-free and cooked locally in their private kitchen, then delivered to your door.  Just amazing.

If you are Paleo now or are considering trying the Paleo diet, I absolutely recommend you try the diet.  Give it a try for a month or so and you will start to experience the benefits that I’ve written about here.

There are a few coupon codes floating around for this place but I used this one (pd-20) and it gave me 20% off everything plus free delivery!  It’s the best one I could find on all the different coupon websites.  You can find Paleo Delivers at https://paleodelivers.com

Good luck!

*Note from site admin – This is a testimonial only – one person’s experience.  Results may vary from person to person.

*Individual results may vary

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