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Launch Your Tower Defense against Disease Spreading Pests

Posted on 22. Sep, 2015 by in Wellness

Even a young child knows and acknowledges the dangers of being unprotected in the presence of less-friendly insects like mosquitoes. While a child may not understand the more intricate reasons behind why mosquitoes and ticks can be far more dangerous to them than just a minor itch would suggest, adults should and do. Diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis are just a few of the illnesses that biting insects can transmit. Whether you are traveling to another country or merely taking a walk out into a mosquito-heavy park, consider the following tricks for preventing unwanted bites.

Quick Tips

Preventing biting insects from ruining your outdoor adventure is not too difficult once you know your basics in keeping yourself well-defended against their brash attempts.

1. Repellent

This is perhaps the most commonly used method in preventing bites from insects potentially carrying diseases. Using insect repellent can make a world of a difference while staying in areas rife with ticks and mosquitoes. There is a great deal of variety in the insect repellent manufacturing world, including repellents that work best on skin versus cloth, and vice versa. Make sure to read the instructions on each bottle before purchasing.

2. Clothing

Another easy way to prevent bites is simply to wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. Minimizing your skin exposure greatly decreases your risk of procuring a bite. Consider wearing a long-sleeved shirt where you might have worn a short-sleeved one, or long socks when you might have worn ankle ones.

3. Sleeping Areas

Bed nets, a more specialized form of insect prevention, are readily available and can drastically reduce the irritation of biting bugs at night. Tucking the corners of the bug net under a bed ensures your safe and secure sleeping amidst pests.

These are only a few tactics you can keep in your bug-preventing arsenal. Research your destination points and your options for keeping yourself and your loved ones pest-free, especially as those pests can carry nasty diseases.

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