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Jaw Surgery

Posted on 20. Sep, 2013 by in Medical

I selected the orthodontic training program I attended (University of Minnesota) because I knew it had a very active program treating jaw surgery cases.   This looked like a very gratifying thing for me to be involved in.  I’ve had an interest in jaw surgery my entire professional career and have seen it evolve.

Jaw surgery now usually involves moving both jaws to more ideal locations in the face.   That usually means moving the upper jaw forward and the lower jaw forward.   Sadly, the goal of most jaw surgery cases is to make the teeth fit.  Of course I want the teeth to fit since I am an orthodontist!  What seems to be more important to me, however, is to get the face in better balance (with the teeth coming along for the ride) and the airway improved.  If one truly understands this subject, they have probably come to the conclusion, as I have, that looking good coincides with living a longer, healthier life.

When jaw surgery is focused on optimizing facial balance and airway – with less focus on just getting the teeth to fit – those doing jaw surgery will have made a great leap forward.   I hope that happens soon.

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