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How to Manage Chronic Pain

Posted on 21. Nov, 2013 by in Pain Management

Chronic pain affects many Americans. Left untreated, it can impact physical and emotional well-being and make basics daily tasks very hard.  Chronic pain management can help.  Here are some tips on how to cope with chronic pain.

Pay attention to diet

Certain foods may provide some relief for chronic pain.  Others may make the situation worse. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids including wild caught fish, walnuts winter squash and may help mitigate pain. Try to stay clear of processed foods, chocolate, high fat read meat and caffeinated drinks.

Drinks lots of water

Being dehydrated can exacerbate chronic pain and contribute to such symptoms as headaches and back pain. Caffeine in coffee, tea and soda can cause dehydration. It may be hard to cut out that morning cut of coffee, but doing so may ease the pain.

Relax and sit up straight

Stress can be a big contributor to chronic pain. According to the National Institutes of Health, excessive stress can lead to muscle spasms.  Practicing yoga can help reduce stress and calm the mind.  It also helps with posture. Slouching may negatively impact nerve and blood flow strain back and muscles in the back or neck. Incorporating yoga into a weekly routine may help with stress. Altering your overall lifestyle to reduce stress may assist with chronic pain management.

Be positive

Some experts believe that negative thinking can contribute to chronic pain. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, chronic pain sufferers who do not dwell on their pain experience less pain on a daily basis and tend to sleep better. It can be difficult to focus on other things if you are pain. Medical hypnosis has been successfully used to help distract people from the pain they are experiencing.

Chronic pain can be very debilitating. Some things that may help chronic pain management include a modified diet, drinking plenty of water, yoga, attempting to not focus on the pain and hypnosis.

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