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How Teen Yoga Therapy Can Help Teens with Mental Health Issues | XL Health Blog

How Teen Yoga Therapy Can Help Teens with Mental Health Issues

Posted on 29. Jan, 2014 by in Wellness

Yoga has long been a fitness program for adults as a way to strengthen the body and increase stamina, but recently more doctors and therapists have been utilizing the ancient practice as a therapy tool for adolescents. Teen yoga therapy utilizes the mind-body connection and has been proven successful in helping teens deal with numerous mental and behavioral health problems. Along with the benefits of a strong body and healthy lifestyle promotion, yoga can help to calm the mind and get teenagers in touch with the intricate movements of their bodies.

Teen yoga therapy has been successful in helping teenagers deal with depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and other mental health issues. A large portion of a yoga practice involves meditation and deep breathing techniques. These features of yoga can give teens the opportunity to relax, look inside themselves, and get in tune with their deep thoughts and emotions. A calming practice that challenges the body can provide a greater level of self esteem by proving to teens that they can perform difficult poses and sit with themselves and think. Practicing yoga can also increase a teen’s patience level, giving them the chance to slow down and be present.

For teens who deal with anger issues or aggression, teen yoga therapy can be very beneficial. While not extremely taxing on the body, yoga can be difficult and some poses require a lot of energy. Focusing negative energy on a specific pose or session can help to reduce pent up anger or aggression and can even aid in developing greater focus. The mind and the body are intricately connected and yoga can help teens to reconnect the movement of their body with the happenings in their brains. Teens with mental health issues may often exhibit signs of increased stress. Yoga therapy is a great alternative treatment technique that can give them a way to lower their stress level and feel comfortable with who they are and will be.

About the author – Robert Hunt is a recovering addict of 20 years.  He has devoted his life to helping others suffering from chemical addictions as well as mental health challenges.  Robert maintains many blogs on drug addiction, eating disorders and depression.  He is a sober coach and wellness advocate and a prominent figure in the recovery community.
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