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Hitachi Airis Open MRI Service

Posted on 07. Apr, 2014 by in Medical

Findng a Hitachi Airis Open MRI Service Plan to Fit Your Needs

When your medical practice relies upon an extremely complicated and sophisticated piece of machinery that must be operating at peak functionality for successful outcomes, you need a service agreement for your sensitive equipment that will serve your precise needs. For Hitachi Airis open MRI service, select a plan that provides either full service to cover all your upkeep and repair needs at a fixed price, or a regular preventative maintenance plan for scheduled service visits and tune-ups. Another option many companies have found to be beneficial is a labor only plan that allows a reduction of the cost of emergency service calls. Some companies find that a flexible service agreement, which allows custom design of the service plan as needed, is the most ideal and cost-effective way to keep their machine fully functioning and worry-free.


Top Equipment Requires Top Service

When considering a company to provide Hitachi Airis open MRI service for your office, consider the level of experience with original equipment and the capabilities that the company demonstrates. Look for a service company that can provide everything from magnet shimming to image quality calibration and fine-tuning, as well as assistance with technical aspects of American College of Radiology (ACR) Accreditation. It pays to have a service agreement in place with an experienced and capable company, so that downtime can be eliminated or reduced with regular upkeep, maintenance, tuning and calibration that can be available with a regular service plan.

Everything in your practice can run smoother when there are fewer worries about machine malfunctions or even loss of image quality with poorly calibrated equipment. Whatever Hitachi Airis open MRI service plan you select, be certain that the service company that you will work with has the full range of capabilities to service coils, helium refills, and the sensitive electronics of the sophisticated equipment. A company that has a reputation for seamless and worry free installation of your machine is often the best choice for a service plan to keep it functioning at its peak. Trust your MRI equipment to a company that has a functional working relationship with the original manufacturer for the best parts and service, and take one more worry off of your mind in running your practice.

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