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Health Benefits of After Hour Clinics | XL Health Blog

Health Benefits of After Hour Clinics

Posted on 27. Oct, 2016 by in Medical, Wellness

A survey of primary care physicians in the United States revealed that only 29 percent of these health care providers had made regular arrangements for the treatment of their patients after hours. This statistic and lengthy wait times in emergency rooms have fueled the proliferation of After Hours clinics. The expansion of these clinics meets the public’s growing desire for greater and more convenient access to health care.

An After Hours clinic is a medical facility where patients receive the same type of care and services that they typically receive from their regular physician during normal office hours. Despite the fact that you have a primary care doctor, it can still take several weeks to get an appointment for a chronic illness or a routine checkup. Because many offices are closed nights and weekends, it is difficult to receive care when you work or attend school during the day.

Since these clinics often do not require an appointment and are typically open throughout the day as well as evenings and weekends, they may be a more convenient place to receive medical care. The flexible hours are particularly beneficial if a health issue occurs after hours or you are away from home on vacation or business. After Hours clinics serve as an extension of your primary doctor’s office. When you receive treatment, the clinic will update your primary care physician so that he or she can follow up with you as necessary to ensure proper continuity of care.

Patients can receive routine care as well as urgent medical treatment for conditions that do not require immediate emergency medical assistance. Because overcrowding is a problem in many emergency rooms in the United States, people with non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries can wait several hours for treatment. There is usually a much shorter wait in an After Hours clinic, which means that you will receive the care that you need faster. Although these clinics are generally a quick alternative to an emergency room, you should still go to the hospital for life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

After Hours clinic physicians are typically board certified in family practice, pediatrics and sports medicine. The staff can usually perform school-, sports- and government-mandated physicals. The clinic has an in-house laboratory, X-ray equipment and a pharmacy. The on-site technology can accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, such as fractures and sprains. The pharmacy can fill a prescription so that you do not have to go to a drugstore.

In addition to time, After Hours clinics may also help you save money on your medical expenses. Studies demonstrate that walk-in clinics are cost effective because they typically charge fees equivalent to those of a normal physician’s office. Depending upon the illness or injury, they can be considerably less expensive than the emergency room. The average emergency room visit costs approximately $1,000 while an After Hours facility can cost as much as a visit to a normal doctor’s office.

When juggling school, work and family, it is essential that you have access to the medical care that you and your family need after normal office hours. Less cost and better access to qualified medical care makes an After Hours clinic a great option for patients who need routine and urgent treatment for an acute or chronic illness or injury.

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