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Four Ways to Streamline Your Healthy Meal Planning

Posted on 18. Aug, 2015 by in Nutrition

The best way to stick with a healthier lifestyle adjustment is to simplify your process. Here are a few ways to streamline your meal planning to create a routine that can become a healthy lifelong change.

Remove Additives

Sifting through the ingredient lists at the grocery store can take time and energy that you may not have readily available. Instead of spending time deciphering which items are considered healthy by comparing labels, make a rule of thumb to eliminate overly processed items that have ingredients detrimental to your health. Additives such as synthetic dyes and high fructose corn syrup are seldom included in health foods, so removing them from your shopping list is conducive to a healthier stocked kitchen.

Eat Organic

Shop in the organic section of the market. Not only does organic produce tend be more flavorful, but items are not covered in a sheath of shiny wax. Most importantly, however, is the amount of pesticides you will be removing from your diet. Over time, pesticides can be harmful to your well-being and be responsible for a multitude of health issues. By going organic, you spend less time dealing with guesswork when choosing foods.

Minimize Ingredients

When creating meal plans, stick to the basics. Complicating meals with a plethora of ingredients can overwhelm you, resulting in a diminished drive to create a healthy meal. Choose recipes that have minimal ingredients, all or most of which are power power-packed with nutritional properties. Include whole foods such as fruits and vegetables along with lean protein sources for full flavor dishes. Dress up meals by incorporating spices and herbs.

Plan Ahead

Create meal plans for one or two weeks in advance so you can get most, if not all, of your shopping completed in one visit. You can also block out time to do large quantities of preparation such as chopping and slicing in a single stretch for ingredients that will be used in multiple meals.

Use these basic rules to guide you with your meal planning. Once you streamline your process the routine will become second nature and you will be more likely to stick with it long-term.



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