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Four Styles of Yoga

Posted on 02. Oct, 2014 by in Wellness

Yoga has been practiced for centuries. It involves adopting specific body poses for relaxation, meditation, health and exercise.Yoga originated in ancient India, but it is now practiced throughout the world.A number of styles of yoga have evolved over the years. Here is information on three on the most popular.

Yoga | XLHealthBlog.comHatha is the foundation for many other types of yoga. A good style for beginners, Hatha is thought to be a gentler form of practice and incorporates mainly physical poses. The moves flow at a slower, more methodical pace.While it is a great for novices, intermediate and advanced students can still challenge themselves by doing more complex, longer Hatha poses.

Iyengar, also called restorative yoga, is one of the oldest forms of yoga.It is a good type of practice for beginners and people with health problems. Using many kinds of props, Iyengar emphasizes alignment and precision in all poses. The use of props relieves some muscle stress and makes this kind of yoga more accessible for individuals recovering from injuries

Vinyasa, or flow yoga, classes incorporate rhythmical, unified movements that seem to melt into each other. This practice tends to be more meditative and provides a wonderful transition from Hatha for people up for a greater challenge.


Bikram will definitely make you sweat. Classes are held in rooms heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Proponents of this style of yogabelieve the heat makes it possible to achieve a

Yoga | XLHealthBlog.com


These four examples are just a few of the many types of yoga. This centuries old form of exercise can be highly beneficial on many levels.deeper stretch without getting injured. Bikram

drink lots of water before and during class. practitioners often achieve enhanced flexibility, and benefit from the constant flushing of toxins from the body as a result of excess perspiration. Beginners may have some difficulty with the intense heat, but will probably adjust after attending several classes. It is very important to


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