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Foods That Give You Energy

Posted on 05. Sep, 2013 by in Wellness

Feeling a little tired? Or feeling really tired? You do not necessarily have to reach for a cup of coffee. By adding a few key items to your diet, you can boost energy naturally. Check out some great energy foods to put an extra bounce in your step.

There are some fantastic energy sources in fruits like apples and bananas. Apples are high in fiber, meaning they take longer to digest and can give you a more prolonged lift in energy than some other fruits. Bananas are composed of mostly sugars and fibers, the perfect equation for more energy. Grab one on your way out the door or slice one on top of your cereal for an added boost.

Never discount vegetables as a great source of energy. In fact, plant foods can help you maintain energy because a good combination of protein, carbohydrates and a little fat can keep you energized all day. Take spinach, which is an excellent source of iron. Iron is a major player when it comes to energy production. Having a salad for lunch? Make it a spinach salad to avoid that afternoon energy slump.

Looking for an energy-enhancing snack? Try almonds. Nuts are a natural source of protein, but almonds also have manganese and copper, which help keep energy flowing through your body. Almonds are also a good source of riboflavin, which plays a role in oxygen-based energy production.

The best energy foods are natural. So when in doubt, reach for foods that are high in protein, and avoid processed, fatty foods that will weigh you down.

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