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Flu Season: Watch the Hands

Flu Season: Watch the Hands

Posted on 09. Oct, 2015 by in Medical, Wellness

At its best, the flu is nasty. It will knock you flat on your feet with a full line of symptoms you would probably trade for a 24-hour shift at work. At its worse, the flu can mean hospitalization or death. Because there is no good face for the flu, the sanitizing market has boomed. Hands are central to whether the flu spreads or stops. Here is how to deal with your hands this flu season.

Better Than a Bad Wash

If you have ever seen germ photos of hands after normal washing, you know how hard it is to really get a good clean with soap and water. When it comes to the flu, the CDC recommends at least 20 seconds of washing in warm water and soap. However, if you do not have access to some aspect of that washing recipe, you will be better off with hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, according to the CDC, will kill many germs and viruses quickly, which can mean that it does better than a poor hand washing job.

An Even Better Solution

The flu season also happens to be the hug-and-kiss-everyone-you-know season, but you cannot control other’s cleanliness. With holidays always around the corner, it may not seem that the easiest solution is to avoid close contact with others, but it is the best. This mostly includes not putting your hands, which touch more than you think, to your face, where the virus can get into your mouth and nose.

Together Is Best

Of course, the absolute best way to avoid the flu this year, besides getting your flu shot, is to join these tips together. Buy some hand sanitizer for your car and desk for when you cannot wash your hands according to the CDC recommendations, and be conscious of where you put your hands. Keeping to these tips may be tough at first, but they are definitely worth missing out of a week or two of the flu.

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