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Feel Great & Look Great With 3 Health Tips

Posted on 18. Oct, 2013 by in Wellness

There are really only three basic elements to good health: what you eat, what you do with your body, and what you think.  And if you think that covers almost all of life, you are about right.  All 3 parts are essential to a happy and healthy life.

Good Food for You:  The Zero Cholesterol Diet

You have probably heard about cholesterol, and some information about levels of the unhealthy type that can cause heart disease and many other health problems.  The secret that makes it all make sense is really simple: human bodies produce the good kind of cholesterol, and it is all they need.  So, by eating a rich plant-based diet we get ZERO ADDED CHOLESTEROL, and we avoid the bad kind that clogs arteries.  Once again, for emphasis: a fully plant-based diet (like the one that Bill Clinton and many others have adopted for health) is a Zero Cholesterol Diet that can save your life and your heart.  Check out Engine 2 diet for more information on one version of a fully healthy, totally delicious and plant-strong diet.

Move Smooth: Stay Active

Every healthy life needs activity.  Perhaps you go to the gym three or more times a week and spin the bicycle wheel for half an hour or more, or practice yoga or run regularly.  Those things are good, and should continue.  If you have no regular exercise and activity plan, start with things you enjoy: walking or bicycling, if you find joy in it.  Also think of the exercises that are less stressful on knees and joints, like swimming or yoga.  If these work for you, then enjoy them, and stay healthy by staying in motion.

Think Positive: Consider Meditation

Finally, the hidden secret for good health is in your head.  How you perceive your life, and how you handle life’s normal stresses and anxieties, can all have real and lasting effects on your body chemistry, your blood pressure, and your health.  And it is these things that regulate and maintain good health, when in proper balance.  So, what you think is as important as what you do.  One of the best ways to calm the mind and take control of busy thoughts is to start a meditation habit.  Learn some simple techniques of breathing calmly and settling the mind, and you may notice improved concentration, mood, and health.

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