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Easy Exercises For Protecting The Lower Back From Injury | XL Health Blog

Easy Exercises For Protecting The Lower Back From Injury

Posted on 08. Jul, 2013 by in Wellness

There are a number of very easy exercises that people can do to protect their lower backs.  When the abdominal or core muscles lack sufficient strength for performing everyday activities safely, this area of the body becomes much more likely to experience undue strain.  Toning up the stomach area does not require people to implement stringent workout routines.  Several, small efforts can have a tremendous impact on the strength and tone of these muscles.


Opposite arm and leg movements are great for the brain.  These stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for balance and coordination, among other things.  In addition to this, however, this activity is great for toning the stomach.  It causes people to draw the abdominal muscles in, effectively engaging them.  Jogging is also less stressful on the joints, particularly the knees and ankles, than running.  This is  especially true when it is performed on relatively soft surfaces and in moderation.

Standing Crunches

When people perform sit-ups while lying down, they tend to put much of the stress on the neck and the upper spine, rather than using the abdominal muscles.   You can do crunches while standing up instead and get the same benefits, without stressing the neck.  You can also develop more body awareness in the process.

Start by placing your feet a shoulder’s width apart.  Lightly bend the knees and lace the fingers behind the head.  Engage the abdominal muscles by drawing the navel in and upwards and then holding it there.  Tuck the pelvis and slowly crunch the upper torso down towards the pelvis, much like you would do when performing sit-ups while lying down.  Doing easy exercises like these on a routine basic can help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary low back pain by making you less reliant upon the back and more reliant upon the abdominal muscles.

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