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Correcting an Overbite Safely

Posted on 07. Oct, 2013 by in Medical

Overbites are common dental ailments and are not always easily corrected. Some orthodontists choose to remove teeth that cause crowding, but others feel that removing teeth only delays the problems of overbites. Removing teeth to correct an overbite can adversely affect the facial structure and breathing pathways of those who have had the surgery done. Not only can than mean that sleeping and breathing is more difficult, but patients are not always comfortable with their appearance after these controversial procedures are completed.

The best way for an orthodontist to help someone who has a minor or severe overbite is to work with the facial structure to help the teeth align naturally. When you choose an orthodontist to help repair your overbite, you may only desire that your teeth look straight, without knowing what the procedure will be or what price your facial structure will have to pay.

In many instances, correcting overbites, cross bites, crooked teeth, or replacing missing teeth can enhance the natural structure of a person’s face. The mouth has evolved to have a specific amount of teeth aligned in a certain way. If the teeth are misaligned, or some have been extracted from the mouth, the jaw does not align the way it was meant to. The result is a person’s chin might appear “weak” or a jaw less defined than it should be. By addressing the issues of the mouth, orthodontists can help a person feel confident with their appearance.

It is very important that when you choose to have orthodontic work done that your doctor does not do anything that compromises your breathing or air passageways. Since breathing is so important to total body health, permanently moving a jaw backwards can have long lasting and serious consequences. While appearances matter, you should never choose a surgery or orthodontic procedure that has the potential to impact your health negatively. This includes using headgear. Head gear can force your face to conform in order to correct teeth, but it is better and healthier to move your teeth to match the natural form of your face and jaw.

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