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Avoid Unhealthy Health Rumors by Doing Your Research | XL Health Blog

Avoid Unhealthy Health Rumors by Doing Your Research

Posted on 15. Nov, 2013 by in Wellness

In today’s technological world, rumors are spread via the internet, twitter, and other types of social media. Some rumors about celebrity gossip or what stores may be closing could have little effect on you, but rumors about health could be harmful if you follow the wrong advice. Unhealthy health rumors often pop up on the internet when you do a search for what kinds of foods will give you the most health benefits. It is important that you avoid rumors and stick to the facts. You want to avoid foods that may be rumored healthy, but actually are not healthy at all.

One of these unhealthy health rumors is that sports drinks keep your body better hydrated than water. You will often see commercials with sports players drinking these drinks to stay hydrated. The truth of the matter is, these drinks are not better than water. When it comes to keeping your body hydrated, nothing is better than water. Sports drinks do not absorb water better to stay hydrated, but rather they keep you hydrated because the salt makes it so that your thirst is not satisfied and you drink more of it. Overall, sports drinks are not a bad idea, but you could probably save money by just drinking water.

Another health rumor you may find is that some cereals are “all-natural.” Many of these kinds of cereals use some ingredients that are genetically-modified and not “natural” at all. You also may have heard that energy bars are great for a boost after working out at the gym. In most cases, this boost is probably due to the sugar rush that you get after eating the energy bar.

Before you run out to buy foods or drinks that you have heard are healthy for your body, you may want to do your own research first. Find out if the ingredients really are natural or if they actually do what others say they do. You want to keep your body healthy and avoid unhealthy health rumors.

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