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Almonds are a Natural Source of Nutrients

Posted on 27. Aug, 2013 by in Wellness

In the world of health food there is no stronger player than the nut. Nut meat has long been a staple of human nutrition, and it provides essential nutrients that can keep your body healthy and strong. Nuts are also delicious, so eating them is no burden. Almond benefits are as varied as almond recipes.

Almonds are one of the world’s super foods. They provide all three types of nutrients essential to human survival: namely fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Each one of these chemicals gets a bad rap by various diets, but they are all required to live.

The fat that is in almonds is a combination of saturated and unsaturated fats. These appear as oils, and they are great for keeping your brain, and other essential fatty tissues healthy. The carbohydrates in almonds are high in dietary fiber, and it is therefore desirable. Almonds can be ground into flour and used as a substitute for wheat based flour, and used people who have gluten intolerance. All nuts are high in protein and almonds are no different. An ounce of almonds contains just above 10% of the recommended daily allowance of protein.

Along with these life-giving nutrients, almonds are a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is very popular in skin care products. It can reduce signs of aging by repairing the elasticity of skin. There are ongoing studies that suggest that eating almonds can reduce the risk of some types of cancers.

These are just a few of many almond benefits.

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