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Adolescent Mental Health Facts | XL Health Blog

Adolescent Mental Health Facts

Posted on 09. Jul, 2013 by in Wellness

The Adolescent Period

The adolescent phase is one of the most serious periods within a lifetime in which enormous mental, social, and emotional development takes place. At this point in one’s life, the brain goes through a number of important changes as it develops and establishes the internal neural pathways and external behavioral patterns that will stay with a person throughout adulthood.

Possible Pitfalls

Due to the significant development the brain undergoes during this period combined with the changes in hormones the body is adjusting to, adolescents become much more likely to become depressed. Generally, they are also more prone to engaging in behavior that is risky or considered highly adventurous in comparison to younger children or older adults

Facts about Adolescent Mental Health

-About twenty percent of adolescents have mental health issues that can be diagnosed.

-Twenty to thirty percent of adolescents will engage in a depressive episode prior to reaching adulthood.

-Twenty-five percent of individuals with mood disorders show signs as early as adolescence.

-Half to three quarters of individuals with impulse control or anxiety disorders developed (or develop) these during their adolescent period.

-Suicide is the third highest cause of death amongst adolescents (a figure that continues to increase in likelihood until the age of nineteen).

-Children with mental health trouble tend to go through more intense and complex changes in their mental health as they age into adolescence.

-Mental health troubles that are left untreated in adolescents have a tendency to result in more negative outcomes.

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