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5 Benefits a Compounding Pharmacy Provides

Posted on 18. Apr, 2017 by in Medical

Compounding Pharmacy | XL Health Blog

Pharmacy compounding has been around for many years, yet people are just now rediscovering what can happen when art meets science. A compounding pharmacist takes medication dispensing to a new level by mixing active ingredients to create medicine that is tailored to fit your specific needs. While prompt service and professionalism are always important when you visit a pharmacy, you can also expect to enjoy these five benefits of choosing to visit a compounding pharmacy.


1. Reduce Gastrointestinal Irritation From Pain Meds

Dealing with chronic pain often requires taking medications that are known for being harsh on your gastrointestinal tract. Stomach ulcers, abdominal pain and constipation are just a few symptoms that you might experience as side effects when you regularly take pain meds. At a compounding pharmacy, you can request for the pharmacist to prepare your pain meds to be delivered through a topical ointment, a troche or suppository so that it completely bypasses your digestive tract and saves you from additional discomfort. Compounding is often the method of choice for people who already have gastrointestinal disorders that complicate their ability to take oral medications.


2. Remove Allergens From Necessary Medications

You would think that major drug manufacturers would realize that people prefer not to be exposed to potential allergens, yet many common medications contain fillers such as soy or food dye that irritate people with sensitivities. This makes finding an appropriate medication almost impossible for people with allergies to things such as casein or gluten. A compounding pharmacist can make your medication without these added ingredients so that you can avoid stirring up allergies just to find a cure for your ailment. They can even leave out other types of fillers such as sugar that conflict with your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.


3. Ease Your Child’s Medication Fears

If you’ve ever tasted an unflavored antibiotic, then you can sympathize with children whose young taste buds rebel against the bitter flavor of most medications. It is also common for kids to be afraid of swallowing a pill or receiving a shot. With compounding, flavors can be added to liquid medications to make them more kid-friendly. You can even explore dental compounding for finding pain relief methods that soothe your child’s anxieties about needles. Ending the battles over medication with your child also ensures that every bit of it gets into their system. With flavored medication or a topical ointment, you can stop guessing whether or not they got their full dose since they won’t spit it up.


4. Fight Aging With Personalized Treatments

Many of the main anti-aging remedies are ineffective because things such as hot flashes and mood swings are caused by hormonal fluctuations that vary from one person to another. Your compounding pharmacist can increase the effectiveness of your treatments for menopause or aging skin by developing an individualized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy regimen that targets your specific needs.


5. Enjoy the Convenience of Customized Medications

Many health conditions require people to take multiple medications that not only take up time but also create more room for a mishap to occur. Seniors with memory loss can sometimes forget one of their medications if they take them out of order. This is why it is more efficient to have certain medications combined, especially when you typically take them at the same time. Your compounding pharmacist can also mix up a medication that is hard to find in your location or that has been discontinued by the manufacturer so that you can benefit from having a treatment that you know works.


While there is always those trusted medications that work, it is likely that you will eventually come across a situation where you hit a wall with finding a solution to your ailment such as having an allergy to a filler ingredient. When this happens, head to your compounding pharmacy for support, and get a customized medication that solves all your problems right away.


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