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Archive for May, 2016

Super Foods | XL Health

Stock Your Kitchen With These Five Super-foods

Posted on 12. May, 2016 by .


Instead of starting up a new fad diet or exercise program, you may want to take a fresh look at superfoods. Read ahead for a quick glimpse of five great food products that should be in everyone’s kitchen.   Seaweed Unlike most of the plants that are grown on land, seaweed is full of omega-3 […]

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GLOBALGAP Certification | XL Health Blog

The Advantages of GLOBALGAP Certification for Farmers and Food Producers

Posted on 02. May, 2016 by .


If you are a farmers or food grower then you likely have many pressures from retailers, consumers and legislators to produce food using environmentally safe practices. You may be required to demonstrate that you use farming and production methods that decrease the effect of farming on the sea and land environment. Many environmental groups are […]

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