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Juicing | XLHealthBlog.com

Five Tips for Juicing

Posted on 22. Oct, 2014 by .


Adding juicing into your daily habits can offer a quick way to incorporate a power packed snack or meal filled with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It is also something that you can carry with you on the go, ensuring that you can take in its entire nutritious goodness. Of course, not all juicing results […]

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Eating Right and Saving Cash at Your Local Grocery Store

Posted on 17. Oct, 2014 by .


As people try to discover the secret to staying fit and healthy, the one thing they always come back to is nutrition. Eating the right things is more important than almost every other aspect of health. This is hard for many people to accept, especially when they are in the grips of a craving for […]

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Yoga | XLHealthBlog.com

Four Styles of Yoga

Posted on 02. Oct, 2014 by .


Yoga has been practiced for centuries. It involves adopting specific body poses for relaxation, meditation, health and exercise.Yoga originated in ancient India, but it is now practiced throughout the world.A number of styles of yoga have evolved over the years. Here is information on three on the most popular. Hatha is the foundation for many […]

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